Price: $1,200

Seller: melissa
State: Arkansas
City: Albion
Zip code: 49224
Type: Animals

1) APHA mare with chocolate colt 15'3hh 10yrs old, intermidiate rider. $ OR $ without colt.
sorrel red with white face markings amd cornet (colt: star and snip markings) PICTURED
2) grade paint mare with unborn foal 15hhs 8yrs old kid safe. $ or $ without foal.
light tan with black mane and tail, white face markings (foal: ????) PICTURED
3) may sell grade brood mare (throws tons of color) 14'3hhs 6yr old. $500 (were keeping her colt)
flashy bay (considered buckskin without dorsal stripe) one white sock, cornet, blaze. black 3 stockings and mane and tail (brindled ears and cheeks)
*not for sale Colt: 3 white stockings, one black sock, white star and snip, brindle ears and grulla color above socks/stockings. considered buckskin/ golden bay.
PICTURED: same day colt was born, she does look skinny. shes very healthy after 5 days! havnt taken recent pictures.
may sell foal/colt seperate for $350 each. will be 15hhs and the un born one should be atleast 14'2hhs
may trade for good speed horse or prospect. (one of these)
nice jumper for lease: leopard appy 17hhs tall. lease at our farm. 250/month obo.
thanks for looking.
all white with black freckles and large black spots under coat. not pictured.